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Bathing Basics

Bathing Basics Tips

Brush your pet before bathing, to remove tangles, dirt, debris and shedding hair.

To reduce pet anxiety during bathing, place a towel on bottom of tub or sink to muffle the sound of the water spray and to prevent slipping.

Pre-treat areas on your pet by applying shampoo directly onto dry fur...surfactants in shampoo bond to dirt on contact, then proceed to wet down the coat and apply all over

Pets are calmer if you start at the tail and move forward wetting down and lathering the coat.

Use tepid/warm water to bathe your pet - not as warm as we might like our bathwater, however pets do not like cold water.

Be sure to use a tearless shampoo on the face area to prevent eye irritation, and rinse thoroughly.

Keep water out of the ears! Placing a cotton ball just under the ear flap can help keep water out of the ears, or have your pet wear a "hoodie" during bathing.

Be sure to use a conditioner after shampooing even on very oily coats, it returns moisture to the skin and coat

After massaging your favorite conditioner into yozur pets coat, lock in moisture by rinsing with cool water (not cold)

Be sure to rinse out shampoo and conditioner thoroughly as they will attract dirt and can cause irritation and flaking if left in and on the coat.

Often cats do not like being sprayed with water. Try using a waterless shampoo.

Blot your pet dry with a towel until the coat is just damp (this may take more than one towel).

If your pet will tolerate the sound of a blow dryer, use on NO or LOW heat, moving quickly over the coat avoiding ears and face while running a brush through the fur.

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Bathing Basics Products


    Our Most Popular

    Oatmeal Shampoo


    Sensitive skin formula.

    Our most popular all-purpose shampoo deep cleans, soothes and conditions sensitive skin. Also helps deodorize coats.

    Oatmeal Conditioning Rinse


    Detangling formula.

    Use after shampooing to restore a silky, shiny, healthy feel to pet coats.

    Oatmeal Conditioning Spray


    Leave-in conditioner.

    Formulated to revitalize pet coats and replenish moisture to the skin.


    Tea Tree Shampoo


    Soothes hot spots and irritated skin.

    Effective, yet environmentally safe, natural Tea Tree Oil helps soothe hot spots and moisturize skin.

    Tea Tree Conditioning Spray


    Leave-in conditioner.

    Soothes, cools and conditions sensitive skin with natural Tea Tree Oil. Adds luster and shine to pet coats.


    Super Bright Shampoo


    Whitening and brightening formula.

    An extraordinary brightening shampoo.Ideal for white and colored coats.

    Tearless Puppy & Kitten Shampoo


    Gentle care for pets of any age.

    Designed especially for cleaning your pet’s sensitive face and skin while leaving a refreshing deodorized scent.

    Waterless Foam Shampoo


    Perfect for cats and dogs.

    A thick, luxurious foam created to penetrate, cleanse and deodorize coats while gently soothing skin without water.

    Ultra Moist Shampoo


    Conditioning formula.

    An ultra-rich, two-in-one formula to help nourish and replenish dull, dry coats with extra moisturizer


    clean face

    Ear & Eye Wipes

    45 sheet /JPPW06

    Helps to clean and remove bacteria build-up around eyes and ears to protect against infection, stains and odor.

    healthy paws

    Full Body & Paw Wipes

    45 sheets/JPPW01

    Lanolin enriched to replenish, clean and moisturize pet coats & cracked pads,while gently removing dirt & bacteria between toes.

    fresh mouth

    Tooth & Gum Wipes

    45 sheets/JPPW05

    Formulated with baking soda and cool mint to help remove tooth stains, freshen breath and promote healthy teeth and gums.


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